You can buy domestic and international calling cards at the Central Post Office supermarkets, shops and Internet cafes at about 3000-20000 tugriks. Average cost of the call depends on the distance and fares of service providers.

Except Mobicom, now there are three cellular telecommunication operators: two of which are with CDMA system Skytel and G-Mobile, and Unitel With GSM system.

You can buy a prepaid SIM card at the Central Post Office, supermarkets, shops and Internet cafes at about 5000-6000 tugriks. Call cost for a minute is 50-120 tugriks depending on types.

You can see people holding white telephone in the streets. They provide telephone call service to Ulaanbaatar numbers for 100-150 tugriks and regional number for 250 tugriks.

Internet access

You can easily find an Internet café in Ulaanbaatar (sings are usually in English saying “Internet cafe” or “Internet center”); average price is 1000 tugriks per hour. The Internet cafes provide printing, scanning, copying, sometimes facsimile the international calling services.