International flights

There are direct flights operated by the MIAT Mongolia Airlines, to Beijing, KhokhKhot, Moscow, Irkutsk ,Tokya, Osaka, Seoul, Berlin and Frankfurt. Aeromongolia, a private company, started to operate flights to Tainjing, Seoul, and Irkutsk. Please note that some of these flights are operated seosonally.

Domestic flights

The domestic flight network includes main distant tourist destinations such as Omnogobi, Khovsgol, Khovd, Uvs, Bayan-Olgii and so on. MIAT, Eznes Airways, Aeromongolia and Trance Olgii( to Bayan-Olgii only) operate scheduled flights; Central Mongolia Airways and Blue Sky Aviation offer helicopters for charter service. Please note that in summer season it is quite difficult to get air tickets to tourist destinations so it is better to buy tickets earlier or contact with Shaman Travel Agent. The domestic airfares vary from 150 USD up to 250 USD for one way. There is a different tariff for locals and foreigners: fares for locals cost cheaper than for foreigners.


The Trans-Mongolia Railway coving 1400 km runs from north to south and connects with Trans Siberian Railway passing through Mongolia. Recently journeys by train on Trans Siberian Railway became very popular among tourists. From Ulaanbaatar you can go to northern south-eastern regions and to China and Russia. From Ulaabaatar to beijing it takes 30 hoursand to Moscow 5 nights.

City public transportation

Buses, trolley buses and microbuses are widely used in Ulaanbaatar. People mostly use cars, buses and motorcycles in countryside. Tickets are available from the vehicle you take.


Every car in Ulaabaatar is potential taxi. However, there are official taxis with metres. At night is would probably be safest to take an official cab. Taxi journeys cost around 1000 tugrik per km. The rates are different from town to town. However, it’s always better to ask the driver via your guide for the fare to certain place, where you need to get, before the ride begins.